What is Superclown Children's Art Gallery & Network?
             The Superclown Children's Art Network is made up of children and youth. It is an open door invitation to
          children and youth to become involved in the activities of the gallery. It includes sending us suggestions for
          projects, helping us create interactive spaces on the Internet, sending us artwork for display on line or in
          the gallery, or anything you feel will add meaning to the concept of a professional gallery for children and
          youth. The Superclown Children's Network and Gallery opened in January of 1999. Since then we've
          worked with over 650 children in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. We look forward to meeting young people
          of all ages who want to contribute to the work we are doing.
          Here is some information about who we are and what we do:
The Superclown Children's Art Gallery                                                                                                              
is a is a non-profit learning center and gallery for children and youth. We believe that the artwork young people
make deserves a frame, and an audience. We believe children want and need places of their own in which to be
creative, to continue learning, and to present what they make to others.
In the Gallery
Demonstrations and hands-on experiences are offered whenever the gallery is open. An art library is a central
gallery space."Shows  run 4 - 6 weeks in length and eventually every show will be curated by the children and
youth whose work is being displayed. Children play an integral role in the organizational development of the gallery.
In the Workshop
We offer Saturday art classes to children and youth. One evening a month we sponsor a Family Fun Night where
families come together to work on a quilt, become part of a weaving circle, or participate in other activities which
foster community.
In the Community
We bring art programs to schools, child car centers, and community centers. Programs can run for as few as four
weeks or on a continuous basis customized to the needs of the organization. Each program has a formal gallery
show and reception for the artists built in to the plans. We also offer very reasonable membership programs to
schools, child care centers, and community centers who wish to make art for children accessible, affordable, and
continuous. The Superclown Children's Art Network and Gallery is funded by grants from the
David Nathan Blanco Foundation
"If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.  Please send us an e-mail and let us know what you think.

                                              We do proclaim

                 Children have a universal right to childhood;
                 Children must have a right to their own personal expression;
                 Children must be given opportunities to enrich themselves, their environment,
                     and their community through their  own self expression;
                 Children are our greatest resource when it comes to empathy, care and concern for others;
                 Children deserve the chance to offer their ideas, plans, commitments in ways that benefit all;
                 Children must be respected for their unselfish desire to engage others in this pursuit; 
             We honor these rights and truths and promise to commit our time and resources in the
           establishment of the Superclown Children's Art Network and Gallery to create an outlet
                          for their expression which the world can behold and become inspired.